About Boschko

Hi everyone! My name is Olivier Laflamme, but I also go by "Boschko" on social media. I'm currently a Red Team Operator at the Royal Bank of Canada where I perform adversary emulation which consists of red team exercise, hypothesis-led testing, loader and implant development, and 0-day hunting. Previously I worked as a Cyber Security Analyst at GoSecure.

Pretty big DnD guy who loves puzzles of all kinds and CTF's. I specialize in mind-reading and guessing. I primarily solve challenges ranging from pwn to crypto, from crypto to bruteforce, from brutefore to guessing, from guessing to ESP…

In terms of certifications, I am currently OSCP, CRTO, eWPTX, eCCPT, and eJPT certified. I've also completed the following Hack The Box ProLabs: APTLabs, Cybernetics, Rastalabs, Offshore, Dante.

I participate in a lot of CTF's and I've had a lot of top 3 finishes in random low-tier CTF's but I'm most proud of my 1st place finish at Northsec 2022, 1st place finish at NorthSec 2021, and 3rd place at NorthSec 2020.

CVE-2020-4757 CVE-2021-3271 CVE-2022-31898 CVE-2022-40843 CVE-2022-40844 CVE-2022-40845 CVE-2022-40846 CVE-2022-40847